Four Actors & Prada

Ethan, Miles, Ansel & Jack

For their Spring Summer 2015 campaign, Prada brings four actors to life through the lens of photographer Craig McDean. Ethan Hawke, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort and Jack O’Connell star, with their facial expressions adding to the interest of their actions in each shot. All four actors are wonderful and they bring so much to this shoot. So much so, that I have been making up stories of what they are thinking in each, putting them into my own little film in my mind.

These four actors have some recent projects that I have my eye on. Ethan Hawke has a big 2015 ahead and I know I’m looking forward to seeing Born to be Blue where he plays the role of jazz legend, Chet Baker. Miles Teller looks fantastic in Whiplash with his role as jazz drummer Andrew Neiman. Ansel Elgort appears alongside Miles Teller in Divergent Series: Insurgent and Jack O’Connell, who was brilliant in Unbroken,  is currently filming Tulip Fever, a 17th-century romance which I am wanting to see, being the big romantic I am.

Now to Prada and the collection. The garments themselves are beautiful. The detail on the blue shirting cuff and collar Ansel wears takes a classic look and gives it a point of difference to the overall look. This same detailing on Ethan’s suit looks brilliant when used repeatedly, with the scissors reminding me of being in the design room, creating and  recreating with sometimes an intensity that matches his expression in the close up. Once again the detailing follows through to the garments Miles is wearing. Although now this look takes me to my writing and drawing with the pen and such a thoughtful expression. The combination of two blues in shirt and pant along with the grey jacket add an extra dimension. Finally Jack’s sweater that almost looks like a jacket from a distance, and the wonderful outer leg detail on the pant.

While the images show more than simply a collection, the actors have brought to us a story that we can make what we want it to be. I could write a story purely based on each shot, and how each man came to be doing what he is.  I always love when my imagination can take me to another place simply from a photograph.

Ethan Hawke for Prada

Ethan Hawke for Prada | Photographer: Craig McDean

Actor Miles Teller for Prada Spring Summer 2015

Miles Teller for Prada | Photographer: Craig McDean

Actor Jack O'Connell for Prada Spring Summer 2015

Jack O’Connell for Prada | Photographer: Craig McDean

Actor Ansel Elgort for Prada Spring Summer 2014

Ansel Elgort for Prada | Photographer: Craig McDean

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Words by Sarah Crawford, Editor, The Man Has Style

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