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Who doesn’t love feeling good? Having skin that looks fresh and feels fantastic is a great step feeling your best. With your skin being the largest organ of your body, it’s one thing you really want to look after. It’s wonderful to see more men taking care with their skin and using skincare specifically designed for men. I came across a range of men’s products for skin care from Brickell earlier this year. Stocked in over 25 countries globally, including the likes of Bloomingdales, I knew this must be a product worth looking into! They even have auto-shipping so you won’t run out of product, a feature I always love for those regular items in your daily routine. After selected products were road tested by not only me, but those around me, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, I wanted to share with you a bit more about the products, the brand and the team behind it. I had a chat with Josh Meyer, CEO at Brickell Men’s Products to find out more.


Exclusive Q&A with Josh Meyer, CEO, Brickell Men’s Products


TMHS: What inspired you to start the Brickell skincare range?

JM: I had a girlfriend a few years ago who was picking on my wrinkles and I thought I should probably take care of my skin a little better. After researching our now current competitors, I couldn’t find a brand I resonated with as a man, and also a brand that used truly natural & organic ingredients. In fact, one of the ingredients I Googled from one of our competitors was linked to a study where it was shown to shrink the testicles of mice! Being an entrepreneur for almost a decade, I decided to solve my own problem and Brickell was born.


TMHS: Tell us more about you and Matt and how you came together to be working as Co-Founders at Brickell.

JM: Matt’s actually my best friend and I’ve known him since I was about 16 years old. We’ve owned a few businesses together and when I got the idea for Brickell, it naturally made sense to ask him if he wanted to do it together. I’ve always been good at sales and marketing, while had an expertise in operations in logistics, so it was a good partnership from the beginning.

Anti Aging Cream from Brickell Men's Products on The Man Has Style

TMHS: I tried the Restoring Eye Balm, Lip Balm and Anti-Aging Cream and my first impression when I opened my parcel was the packaging. I adore it! Being a designer, package design is so important and the Brickell design is great. The simplicity and clean lines is what I love the most. Did you set out to design the packaging in particular way with a strong vision from the outset or was it an evolving process as you developed the products?


JM: We set out to design the packaging in a particular way when we first started the company. We wanted something sleek and understated. After all, guys don’t want something shiny and sparkling when it comes to a skin care product sticking out of their gym bag. Guys like straight and to the point branding for the most part and I hope we did just that. We took a lot of inspiration from high end liquor bottles as their designs are meant to resonate with men.

Peppermint Lip Balm from Brickell Men's Products on The Man Has Style
TMHS: I am obsessed (really obsessed!) with the No Shine Peppermint Lip Balm. The peppermint is addictive! Being 100% organic and natural adds an extra appeal. My lips love it and it’s been perfect for using every day. It’s definitely a daily must have for me now. Tell me more about this product and why it’s important in the Brickell range.


JM: Haha, awesome! It’s important because most guys go outside without using any sun protection. A decent amount at least use sunscreen, but most don’t even think of their lips. I see guys all the time with ugly, cracked, chapped lips. The real secret to the product is the beeswax in it. Beeswax is an amazing ingredient to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration.

Restoring Eye Balm from Brickell Men's Products on The Man Has Style

TMHS: The Restoring Eye Balm is calming and nourishing. It’s unscented but it still smells amazing. As I’m writing now, I am smelling it and it’s quite uplifting. I love when you can smell the natural ingredients without it being a powerful scent. I’ve found it fantastic for dark circles and puffiness. What feedback have you had with this product? I’d love to hear more about this.


JM: Well, most of the feedback we’ve had resonates with yours. Most guys have never tried an eye cream and once they do, they usually never go back to not using one. Guys start to age around the eyes first, so after they see their dark circles are much lighter, puffiness is down, and the skin looks more firm around their eyes, they are hooked. Most guys compliment how lightweight and absorbing it is as well. Guys don’t want anyone to know they have something around their eyes.


TMHS: I love how you share on the website Matt and your routines. It’s great to know how you use the products. How has having your own product range changed your routine?

JM: It hasn’t changed my daily routine too much. I’m more conscious of making sure I do my routine every day versus beforehand I’d go days without doing anything. Big skin care companies have marketed it well that you need to do a hundred things daily to look great, but that’s not the case. Just a few products and you’re good.


TMHS: Top tip for men for their skin.

JM: Do something. Most guys get so overwhelmed and do nothing. Wash your face, use moisturizer and use sunscreen when outside. It’s pretty simple.

Daily Essential Face Moisturiser from Brickell Men's Products on The Man Has Style

TMHS: Which Brickell product is your favourite and why?

JM: Our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. I’ve always had dry skin and just a small application of it makes my face feel awesome, not too mention it always looks more hydrated and firm after using it. It’s extremely lightweight so it doesn’t feel “heavy” on my face down here in the humid Miami climate. It’s our #1 selling product, so I guess a lot of other guys feel the same way!


TMHS: Where can readers of The Man Has Style find out more about Brickell Men’s Products?

JM: They can visit us at (we ship to Australia all the time).

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