Discover the Love Story of The Man Has Style

It All Comes From Love

The Man Has Style is dedicated to the styling of men. Fashion, art, design, architecture, interiors, cars, accessories – all things with a focus on quality and exceptional design, TMHS was founded by Australian designer and men’s styling enthusiast, Sarah Crawford, in early 2012.

“I have a background in fashion, art and design, having worked as a designer for over 20 years. My passion is definitely within men’s styling and I’ve had a fascination with this since a young age.  One of my earliest memories of this is walking down the streets and older gentlemen wearing impeccable suits and having them tipping their hat to say, “good morning”.  As a young girl it obviously made a big impression on me as I have always found myself fascinated with the gentlemanly aspect of men’s styling.  I’m drawn to impeccable design, quality finishes and all that reminds me of times of the past.  Images, products, designs, architecture, music, films, cars and art that evokes emotion that inspires and holds its place over time, and of course, quality. In a world where over-consumption is rampant, I like to focus on having less, where what you have is long-lasting and able to face the test of time.”

Please note: Images not taken by The Man Has Style are mostly supplied directly by the designers and photographers. I credit where I can – if you should be credited in an image and I haven’t already done so, please make contact via the Contact Us page and I will update and credit to you. I’m all about giving credit to the people who create!