Shaneal Sharma Delivers Harmony & Innovation

Bringing Harmony & Innovation to the Property Industry

Shaneal Sharma has carved out a career crossing music, technology and now incorporating his years of experience and expertise to branch into real estate. Shaneal’s background is impressive. His humble, yet strong and nurturing approach with the projects he works on has seen him regarded as a highly respected businessman and creative force. Starting in the entertainment industry in LA, UK and Asia, Shaneal achieved four Top 10 global hits whilst simultaneously working on innovative software technologies in Silicon Valley. When mobile apps began to popularise, Samsung hired his company, S Entertainment in 2009 to help populate their app store, resulting in more than 2 million downloads within the first few months of launch.

Originally, I connected with Shaneal with his music and song writing. It was well over 10 years ago we met and quickly realised we had many similar values and a passion for our creative endeavours. There was a strong connection with the fashion design, writing and art I was working on at the time and there has since been a synergy of ideas and future thinking with us both. Shaneal is definitely a man with style and one I couldn’t go past to feature here on The Man Has Style. Our interview was fun and included a photo shoot with his two Italian Greyhounds, Jax and Indee. You can see more of that in the behind the scenes video. I’m sure this won’t be the only time you’ll see Shaneal featured here.

The Man Has Style interview with CEO & Founder of Houseroo, Shaneal Sharma

The Birth of Houseroo

Around four years ago we caught up in Brisbane and Shaneal shared with me a new project he was working on that was going to change the way property transactions were handled. Having seen first-hand over the years the stumbling blocks and frustrations relating around communication channels within the purchase and sales processes, Shaneal had an idea to invent something to take away many frustrations experienced by not only the buyer and seller, but all those involved in the process – real estate agent, conveyancer, mortgage broker, even the building and pest inspector. Our recent conversation led to the process of development over the years and why Houseroo really began.

“Running a technology start-up is very different to running a traditional bricks and mortar business. There’s a heavy emphasis on innovation, the challenge to stay relevant amongst budding new technologies and the need to deliver solutions to customers quickly and effectively.

Houseroo was a solution I wish I had when I was buying my first house back in 2001. The property industry, until today, has been operating under an archaic system. Processes are not transparent and for most of the time buyers and sellers have no idea where things are at. People are stressed out because their livelihood at stake.

A failed settlement can create a chain reaction of practical and emotional harm for all parties involved. This is exactly why we created Houseroo.

Houseroo is a powerful communication tool that allows buyers and sellers to track exactly where they are at with their property transaction. They can also easily book all the services they need to successfully settle their property. We have done all the heavy lifting so that people can settle their property with ease.”

Shaneal talked about how stepping out of yourself, putting yourself in the shoes of the person with the problem, allows you to see the problem in a whole new light. This process gives you the thought process and desire to cancel out the pain points. By stepping out of yourself you can ultimately help solve other people’s problems.

Over the past decade, I have seen Shaneal helping build up others. A mentor who is constantly providing guidance for those who are striving to live their passion, to make their lives better.

Australians love their property, so Houseroo was built for them. I have consistently heard, and experienced, the pains of buying and selling property. To know there is something to bring some harmony and ease to the process for all involved is wonderful news.

The Man Has Style interview with CEO & Founder of Houseroo, Shaneal Sharma

I first met Shaneal when music was his main focus. Fast forward 10 years and while he continues on with the music, as Founder and CEO of Houseroo, I asked about the parallels between the two industries and how his experience in the music industry helped with Houseroo.

Shaneal explains, “There are a lot of similarities between building a technology solution and producing music. First of all, they are both extremely fast-paced and when done right, they both make a lot of people happy.”

Interestingly, many technological innovations actually come from people’s demand to be entertained. Back in 1998, around the time when Google was founded. Artists were building websites to market themselves and selling their songs online. I had the opportunity to work with technology right from the beginning.”

One of Shaneal’s greatest qualities is he is always looking to help lift others up and encourage them to grow. Houseroo embodies this quality to help people. I asked Shaneal if he feels Houseroo aligns with this.

“Great question, Sarah! And the answer is 100% YES.

Houseroo is all about empowering the people. We put buyers and sellers back into the driver’s seat of their property transaction by giving them transparency and control over every step of their buying and selling journey.”

The Man Has Style interview with CEO & Founder of Houseroo, Shaneal Sharma

Moving on in the conversation we talked about starting out and what skills have helped Shaneal on the journey throughout his career.

“I will write a book on this in the future but to answer your question, I’d say be bold, be active, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Be bold about your idea, create an MVP (minimum viable product) and take it to the market ASAP. Let the market decide whether your offer has value and just keep hustling. When you are starting out, it’s all about the learning and experience. No one starts out perfectly, but you can work towards it.”

If you don’t know something, genuinely and humbly ask people who have achieved the success you desire for help. The right people and mentors can easily shave years off your path to success.

Without doubt, Shaneal has created something that is a game changer. The transparency for all involved is what makes this so desirable in the marketplace. The ease of use, the value it adds to each and every person using it and the fact it is constantly evolving to improve, each and every day, is a credit to the work ethic and values Shaneal embodies.

As with every interview on The Man Has Style, I asked Shaneal some lighthearted questions in the mix. After all, it’s nice to know a little more about the person who inspires.

TMHS: Three things you use most in your day

Shaneal: “My iPhone, Dre Beats earphones and laptop.”

TMHS: One thing you can’t do without in your day?

Shaneal: “Music + meditation”

The Man Has Style interview with CEO & Founder of Houseroo, Shaneal Sharma

TMHS: Favourite item of clothing?

Shaneal: “My black leather jacket”.

TMHS: Favourite quote and why?

Shaneal: “We are not trying to put people on Mars”.

“Every time I’m faced with challenges, this quote puts me back in the right perspective.”

Finishing our talk, Shaneal leaves with some final words… “Houseroo is going to help a lot of people so it is my goal and mission to take Houseroo globally in the next few years.”

Houseroo is already in action and making an impact. You can find out more about Houseroo on the links below.

Behind the Scenes

Videography: Hoa Vinh Le aka CMOS at Lefilms –

Photography: Craig Turnbull –

Words: Sarah Crawford – Founder & Editor, The Man Has Style

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