Inspiration: The Man Has Style

Tom Ford - A Man of Style

For as long as I can remember men’s styling and old fashioned etiquette has been an inspiration.  From a young girl fascinated by the men in their suits, tipping their hats as I would walk by with a greeting of ‘Good Morning’, I found this to be so wonderfully refreshing. I love clean lines, layers, tailoring, beautiful trims such as buttons, jackets (how I love jackets), and don’t even get me started on my love of scarves.  I like slim and straight legs on pants, watches, gloves, vintage cars and binoculars.  I don’t sail but to be around yachts and beautiful sleek boats makes me feel on top of the world.  I love texture.  I like simplicity and clean lines.

I find inspiration in a short glass, with a heavy base, five cubes of ice, slightly rounded at the corners with a splash of whisky – not even so much the drinking of it, rather the feel of the holding the glass, the colours, the shape and clarity of the ice, mixing with the darker liquor.  

I like to read Ian Fleming and I have watched James Bond films more times that I can remember.  I adore Sean Connery, George Clooney and Tom Ford because they remind me of the inspiration I find in men’s styling.  I love Alfred Hitchcock films and the mystery of what he represents.  

I have a stamp collection, a reminder of hand written letters received.  Which reminds me of Mont Blanc, of superbly crafted writing instruments, because letters should be written with something as beautiful as the words you write.  These are all my inspiration.

My inspiration has refined from a young girl but it is quite clear it has been a long love affair with men’s styling.  I could write every day, on the inspirations and how I am in awe of such.


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