Calibre :: Acting Up Downtown (Part 2)

I have for a long time been a fan of Calibre, so when I came across this on YouTube I just had to share. Not only is it a visual feast of beautiful design, the music is addictive.  I keep coming back to watch (and listen) over and over again!  Showcasing their Autumn Winter 2013 collection, they switch from black and white to colour creating that feel of an eclectic life full of quality and your eyes can’t help but dart back and forth, not wanting to miss anything.

The clothing is a beautiful mix of soft lines and sharp tailoring.  The use of stripes in various shots not just in tops but also flags, belts, even the zebra crossing on the road, ties in well with the overall appeal of this clip.  Russian model Vladimir Ivanov looks amazing, perfect for this backdrop and he wears the collection effortlessly, like it was made for him.  And of course, the spectacular location of New York City. I’m going to watch again! Enjoy!


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