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How does one choose a favourite look when you love so many of the looks?  The Autumn Winter 2013/14 collection from Hackett London is one of those ranges.  Whilst where I live is now in the last few weeks of Winter and already starting to feel a touch more Spring turning into Summer (which I am loving!), I still find myself immersed in Winter fashion.  I just love the fabrics and textures and all those wonderful accessories.

What I love about this collection is precisely the textures. What wonderful texture!!  Knitwear and checks and detailing and scarves and bags and hats and layering and such lovely bowties!  And I can’t go past an umbrella!

Hackett London have a great feature on their online story where they make is so easy to shop the look that you want (not on all looks, but some!).  So many times I feel less likely to actually purchase something if I can’t navigate easily or if I find I want the shirt, but it’s only showing the suit! My hat is off to Hackett London for having some of the looks showing a complete shopping guide.  Now it’s more about narrowing down the selection as ‘one of everything’ isn’t always possible!

See more of Hackett London online here – www.hackettlondon.com

Find Hackett London on Facebook here – www.facebook.com/HackettLondon

the_man_has_style_hackett_london_look_1_mayfair_fine_check_suit the_man_has_style_hackett_london_look_2 the_man_has_style_hackett_london_look_4the_man_has_style_hackett_london_look_18 the_man_has_style_hackett_london_look_11 the_man_has_style_hackett_london_look_10



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