Francoise Nielly Leads the Way


August, you marked for me the last month of Winter with Summer constantly on my mind, and many of you in the world, the last month of Summer.  How fitting that the most popular post for our Top 10 on Instagram for August was the vibrant portrait painting from one of my favourite artists, Francoise Nielly. It reminds me of the Summer months!  This particular piece of Daniel Craig is a standout not just on TMHS posts, but also from Francoise Nielly.  She has produced a marvellous portrait once again.  Congratulations Francoise!!  You can see more of her artworks at and follow on Instagram – @francoisenielly


Those well-loved Australia brothers and models, Jordan and Zac Stenmark in a sneak peek of their film for Westfield had that like button being clicked like crazy, adding to the huge amount of likes they got on their original post which I loved so much I had to ‘regram’! You can also follow the brothers on Instagram – @jordanandzac


Clement Chabernaud on a bicycle in Dolce & Gabbana by David Bellemere for Vogue Paris, September 2013 was also a favourite.  Jay Z always makes it into the Top 10 whenever I post one of him! And Jay Z in a tuxedo always goes down particularly well.  Madds Mikkelsen featured in GQ magazine and I shared whilst waiting for a plane earlier in the month.  I love his work and was mesmerised by his role in Hannibal which I recently watched.  The spectacular design of Casa Eloro and it’s furnishings by Gordon Guillaumier in Noto, Sicily was one of the few architecture/design posts I have put online which is quite odd when I think of it because architecture plays a huge part in what inspires me in my designs.  The good news is I have much more to come in the world of architecture and design. The latest campaign by De Fursac I am in love with! As you may have guessed from my previous posts.  And of course there is some Steve McQueen in the mix of Top 10 favourites on Instagram.

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