Man on a Bicycle, Man on a Tricycle

Hardy Amies :: Spring Summer 2013 Campaign

Hardy Amies :: Spring Summer 2013 Campaign

I blame Sean Connery for what became my obsession with finding images of men on bicycles.  It even took me on the path of Paul Newman on a tricycle.  In this day the bicycle is so often seen with casual attire, but what I find most appealing of many of these photographs is the men are looking so sharp in their well tailored suits, shirts and sometimes ties, combined with the simple yet beautiful vehicles of transport. I quite love the Hardy Amies shoot too I featured a while back. I always come back to this.  How can one not love Alfred Hitchock and Humphrey Bogart on their bicycles also?

I’ve found some great sites dedicated to famous people riding bicycles including Rides a Bike and Cycling Celebrities which in between the humorous images some men’s styled gems can be found.  Feel free to tag @themanhasstyle on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for any images you think I would like.  Anything you think suits The Man Has Style, even if it doesn’t involved a man on a bicycle (or a tricycle), please tag me in them so I can see.  I’m always on the look out!






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