Lucas Dowling: Men’s Hair And A Series Called Dandy

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Men’s hair can be one of the most memorable things about a man.  If you think of  style icons from the past, many of them, such as Elvis Presley and James Dean, have hair that is instantly recognisable. Finding the person who looks after your hair is just as important as the way it looks.  A few years ago all these people were showing up with amazing hair.  I kept hearing the same answer to the question, “who cut your hair?”.  Each time it was Lucas Dowling of Mieka Hairdressing.  In 2013, Lucas was named Men’s Hairdresser of the Year.  It seemed quite fitting for the man who was demanding attention time after time with his great hair styling.  I caught up with Lucas recently to chat men’s hair and the series, Dandy.

TMHS: How did you come to be working with Mieka Hairdressing and what keeps you on the Gold Coast?

LD: I started working with Mieka Hairdressing six years ago in Melbourne. I grew up on the Gold Coast and when the opportunity arose to be involved with our Gold Coast Salon in 2011, I jumped at the prospect. I love the lifestyle the Gold Coast provides. The time I spend out in the sun far outweighs the things that I miss about big city living.

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

TMHS: You were named 2013 Men’s Hairdresser of the Year, a fantastic achievement.  Tell me more about this.

LD: It was an amazing experience; it has opened many doors. I’ve never been so nervous in my whole life as on the awards night. The whole process of putting a collection and submission together took a number of months from the initial planning to execute the final product. I’m very lucky to work closely with our Creative Director Tracey Hughes, and there is no way the last twelve months would have been possible without her guidance and advice.

TMHS: The ‘Dandy’ series is quite spectacular.  What was the inspiration for the styling?

LD: The Inspiration for the styling was based around “Teddy Boys” of London in the 1950’s.

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

TMHS: Do you find men are becoming more open to new styles and paying more attention to their grooming?

LD: Definitely! Men are absolutely more focused on fashion and grooming than previously. I’ve definitely seen a shift in the style of men on the Gold Coast in the past few years; they’re appearing more metropolitan.

TMHS:  What is popular with men currently for hair styling?

LD: The biggest trend that we are seeing at the moment is having longer hair on top and having hair shaved through the sides and back. The longer hair through the top is usually an extreme length. Long enough to tie in a pony tail or have a topknot. We are also seeing a lot of barbering techniques – clean, tapered edges and shaved-in partings are also very prevalent.

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

TMHS: What is your prediction for men’s hair styling going forward?

LD: Medium length hair which is very textured and disheveled around the edges. With hair being so structured and manicured recently, I think we will see a shift over the next twelve months to styles which are relaxed and deconstructed.

TMHS: Three things you can’t do without in your day?

LD: Good Coffee, lots of sunshine and my boat.

TMHS: Describe your personal style

LD: I’m a very casual person outside of work. You will always find me in an oversized blank (oversized singlet). I hate wearing clothes with logos or decals. I generally pair that with my beloved wranglers and cool sneakers. I always wear my Karen Walker Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – and minimal accessories.

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

TMHS: Any favorite designers/brands for menswear?

LD: When I attend industry events or functions I always wear Et Al, which is a Melbourne-based label. Their clothes are edgy while still maintaining a masculine feel. Everything is black, which I’m obsessed with in a formal setting.

TMHS: Why should men on the Gold Coast come to see you for their hair?

LD: I think men’s hair should be simple, carefree and lean. I will always work with my clients’ face structure and hair type to create a look, which is low maintenance, yet embellishes my clients’ natural features.

TMHS: Where can readers find more about Mieka Hairdressing and what you do?

Official website:

Facebook :

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Dandy by Lucas Dowling

Credits for ‘Dandy’: Hair: Lucas Dowling at Mieka Hairdressing | Photography: Nicole Corbett | Makeup: Katherine Minty | Fashion Stylist: Carlos Mangubat.

Story by Sarah Crawford – Founder, The Man Has Style.  Contact:

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