Creating a Difference for Creative People in Business

Creating a Difference by Darcy Clarke

Creating a Difference by Darcy Clarke

Over the years I have read so many books on business and I usually have at least one on the go, more often than not, a few I’m reading. Last year, I interviewed designer Darcy Clarke about his furniture and lighting design.  At the time, he was in the process of finishing off and publishing a book about business tips for creative people.  When the book was released this year, Darcy was kind enough to send me a copy.  There is some great advice in there and many tips I hadn’t come across before.  The content is not complicated and brings up so many concerns and obstacles I have, over the years, had creative people tell me they have been overwhelmed by, including myself!  It feels like you are in a conversation with Darcy and listening intently about his experience. It is well worth reading and one I have picked up time and time again to remind me of some of the areas I need a step up in.  I found it so refreshing having a book aimed at creative people in business.  I had a chat to Darcy about the book and his experience and wanted to share with you all.

TMHS: You mentioned in our interview last year on The Man Has Style that the idea for writing the book came from  a business and entrepreneurial conference in Suva, Fiji aimed at creative people.  It must be a great feeling to have the book published and a reality. How has the response been so far?

DC: It is indeed a great feeling! Once I had decided to do the guide and actually follow-up on what was started at the conference, getting to this point now is quite satisfying. I feel that the guide is complete, but the overall venture and objectives is only beginning. The response from people I’ve shown the guide to is positive. I’m hearing responses like, “big effort, well done”, “I could do with some advice like that” and “creatives need this”.  


A quote from 'Creating a Difference' by Darcy Clarke

A quote from ‘Creating a Difference’ by Darcy Clarke


TMHS: I’m quite an avid reader of business and entrepreneurial stories and advice.  I often find the creative person is not considered in the mix. Reading through your book I found myself almost relieved to be hearing some of your words.  There are so many amazingly talented creatives however, without the knowledge and understanding of what to do with this in business, it can be an even more difficult road to see this talent turned into something you can make money from.  You discuss the creative as the main focus of your advice. Being a creative yourself, did you find writing the book you had more clarity in your own business?

DC: Yes I’ve read many such books and have been surprised by my unexpected keen interest in business. It was sparked by years in the creative world and bringing success to my business. I’ve also engaged and listened to many creative friends who are doing great work and sometimes struggling at simple business things.  

As you stated, creative people haven’t been highlighted in business – until now! So I’ve found a niche!  This is a good thing for any business. My focus is clear – to get rid of words and information where a creative will glaze over, and offer the advice in a way that a creative can more easily relate to. The guide is, in lots of ways, general and it does covers a lot. So readers can go on the full journey or jump into any chapter in which advice is sought or needed.

Yes, definitely my experience in writing the guide has been very interesting. I feel that the guide itself must be a successful business venture so the ideas in the guide are being applied to the venture which is “Creating a Difference”. I enjoy self learning.  I believe there is always more to learn and I know that I love creativity discussing business. This is a perfect enterprise for me and who knows where it is going to go. To great places no doubt.

Darcy Clarke

Darcy Clarke

TMHS: Where can readers buy the book and find out more?

DC: Readers can purchase the guide online. Or at selected stockists (their details are on the site under “buy local”). International readers are may want to email details so I can inform them on the e-book release. 

!! WIN !!

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Darcy Clarke - Creating a Difference

Darcy Clarke – Creating a Difference

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Congratulations Villawood Properties on 25 Years


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