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Luxury in Adventure

Luxury with the spirit of adventure, Belstaff is immersed in its British heritage while appealing to a global audience. Each time I look at what is coming out of Belstaff, I am catapulted in my mind to the feeling of exploration and freedom. A life of joy and discovery in those times when you are living in the moment and are fearless, taking in everything around you and admiring the beauty of the world.

What I do admire of Belstaff is the depth of the brand. Full of stories and tales of adventure since their beginnings in 1924, in Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire England, when they introduced us to the first water resistant wax cotton. Function as well as style, all infused with luxury. When I think of Belstaff my mind jumps immediately to David Beckham who has featured strongly throughout the brand. Maybe it’s also the spectacular limited edition book shot by Peter Lindbergh showing photographic outtakes of the 2014 campaign featuring Beckham. A beautiful visual story of motorcycles and the adventure surrounding what has become a biking cult of sorts. Not only is the content brilliant, the 116-page book itself is a collectors item. Each black canvas copy has a metal plaque on the cover, with a unique ID, individually numbered, which mirrors the signature detail found in Belstaff jackets.


My mind also roams to Che Guevara and British trial racer Sammy Miller, both having worn the brand and instantly recognisable for their connection to motorcycles and adventure. Throughout the 20th Century the Belstaff classic belted 4-pocket jacket was strongly featured in the racing set, demonstrating its ability to stand the test of quality outerwear.

Belstaff’s commitment and dedication to fearless adventure and luxurious quality has seen me become a loyal follower. Belstaff promotes living a life of exploration, pushing the boundaries and creating memories. Each time you put on your Belstaff jacket you are taken back to the amazing adventures, the feeling of free spirit and joy, and if it’s a new jacket, the memories you will create. Thank-you Belstaff.

union jack trialmaster jacket by belstaff menswear

Union Jack Trialmaster Jacket by Belstaff

the warrington jacket by belstaff menswearThe Warrington Jacket by Belstaff

union jack trialmaster jacket by belstaff menswear

Belstaff Union Jack Trialmaster Jacket

belstaff k racer jacket menswear

Belstaff K Racer Jacket

belstaff menswear archer jacket

Belstaff Archer Jacket

belstaff menswear wetherby coat

Belstaff Wetherby Coat

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Words by Sarah Crawford, Editor, The Man Has Style

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