R.M. Williams launches in Liberty London

84 Years of Legend Takes New Foot Forward

The Australian Poet Dorothea Mackellar famously expressed her love for “a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping planes, of rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains.” Few Australian companies can personify this iconic image more so than the RM Williams brand. Born from the Australian Outback, RM Williams brings to contemporary fashion a niche market that is not only stylish and beautifully crafted, but as tough as the mighty Australian Outback itself.

The story begins back in 1932 in the Australian City of Adelaide, the gateway to some of the harshest climate in Australia. The founder, an ambitious and entrepreneurial man known as Reginald Murray Williams, – or RM as he liked to call himself – had seen a need in the market for footwear that could withstand the harsh weather and terrain of the Australian countryside. By crafting a single piece of softened leather, the famous RM Williams boot was born. RM went further in the crafting process and added bespoke features such as single stitching, goodyear welting, and elastic insert on the sides for ease of wear and utmost comfort. With each boot styles incorporating more than 80 processes, all performed by hand by highly-trained craftsmen and women, it is easy to see why this brand has such an revered status in Australia and is making it’s mark abroad.

R.M. Williams boots being made in workshop

R.M. Williams boots last

The Toughest Boot You’ll Find

The boots consist of two main styles: The Signature Craftsman and the Craftsman. Both styles are created by hand and consist of sumptuous Australian leather in rich natural tones: The inky black of a midnight sky, the burnished riverbed browns, and the deep oceanic navy blue. The sheer quality of the leather is apparent when opening the box to reveal the boots upon that first wear: a luxurious scent of the rich rugged leather that is almost intoxicating. These boots are a delight to the visual and olfactory senses whilst keeping such a masculinity and toughness that is rather ingenious that these opposites fit together with such fluidity.

R.M. Williams signature craftsman boot in black R.M. Williams Signature craftsman is signed by the craftsman that makes it

R.M. Williams signature craftsman boot in chestnut

What is so convenient for the contemporary man of today is its ability to combine the benefits of extreme durability with the aesthetically pleasing features of exquisite quality and a timeless classic look. This boot can take you from country to city sophistication with literally one wipe of a polishing cloth!

It’s not hard to see why stars such as Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are avid fans of these boots, with these stars known for their impeccable style, it’s only fitting that RM Williams has cemented its place in the echelon of A-List attire. And as far as I’m concerned, if it’s good enough for James Bond and Wolverine, then to all you gentlemen, get your best foot forward!

R.M. Williams classic craftsman boot in burnish R.M. Williams classic craftsman boot in burnish

Editor’s Note

R.M. Williams has launched an installation in one of my favourite department stores, Liberty London. If you are in London, you will find it in the heart of the men’s footwear area, adjacent to Liberty’s Men’s Designer Room – get in there and take a look. I’m also excited to learn there will be more happening across the UK in 2016 for R.M. Williams. Having grown up in Australia with such an iconic brand, I’m sure this won’t be the last time The Man Has Style is sharing the love of ‘the toughest boot you’ll find’.

R.M. Williams: http://www.rmwilliams.com.au

R.M. Williams in Liberty: http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/categorylist/designer/rm-williams

Words: Melissa Forbes, Contributing Writer

Editor’s Note: Sarah Crawford, Founder & Editor

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