Canali: Bringing Italian Style to the World


The Echelon of Fashion Etiquette

It has famously been said that dressing well is a form of good manners. In this case, meet the leader at the echelon of fashion etiquette. Canali.


The Canali company was born in Italy in 1934, the same era when the glamour of Hollywood was strongly emerging. This style paved the way for suiting to start taking the sharper, more streamlined silhouette that has stayed true to modern day.


It was in the 1950s when the second generation of the Canali family took over the company, which by then was overseeing its burgeoning international popularity. The third generation led from 2013. Canali has seven factories in Italy and makes around 250,000 individual pieces of clothing annually. In addition to its 250 boutiques, a number that continues to grow, Canali can also be found in over 1,000 retail stores in more than 100 countries across the globe. An exciting piece of the Canali is the online site, allowing attainability regardless of location.


This speaks volumes for the longevity and success of this company, proving one of its sayings “Great achievements are seldom made instantaneously”.


canali menswear spring summer 2016 light brown jacket


One of the most admirable attributes the company can boast is its ability to make “Made in Italy” not just a label, but a tradition that interweaves culture and history, style and taste, along with the unrelenting quest for excellence and unsurpassed quality. Canali is based in Italy, made in Italy and the suits are designed, cut, and sewn by Italian artisans. Fabrics used are what set the pieces apart from so many contenders. High-quality organic fibres of wools, cashmere, silks, linens, mohair and camel keep the suits breathable, comfortable, durable, and oh-so-touchable. The tailoring of these fabrics gives it such a fluidity that moves with the body, creating a flawless synergy of motion.


canali menswear spring summer 2016 grey suede jacket


Of course, these days an outfit is not an outfit without the accessories that complete a look. Canali also specialises in the finishing touches to polish off an ensemble to perfection:

  • Classic loafers, Oxfords and sneakers in gorgeously durable calfskin leather or supple suede.
  • Cufflinks in high-polished precious rhodium plating accented with enamel, agate or Swarovski crystals to be as conservative or as embellished as desired.
  • Belts in classic leather with brogue details for a smarter look, or elastic braiding with leather detailing for a casual appeal.
  • Ties and scarves in glossy silks or light-as-air linen/cotton weaves.
  • Briefcases, satchels, and weekenders in leather or suede with Saffiano or patterned detailing, perfect for every occasion whether it be a corporate meeting or an impromptu mini-break.


Another exceptional facet of Canali pieces are the subtle, classic designs in beautifully muted hues which create simpatico with every outfit for every occasion. These are not just clothing and accessories, they’re investments. For such omnipotent quality, price is just a number when the value is invaluable!


canal mens spring summer 2016 blue suit made in Italy


Canali is also revered for its ‘Su Misura’ service; Made-to-measure suits in the Atelier of selected stores by a tailor who will make your suit completely personalised for you. This impeccable attention to detail using the finest fabrics and expertise of the artisan creates a unique work of art that is for you and only you.


One of the most esteemed pieces of Canali’s collection is the Kei jacket. A perfect hybrid of soft jacket and tailored blazer, it is a less-structured style inspired by the comfort of a cardigan with the masculinity of a suit jacket. Key features include soft shoulders, quarter lining for ease of movement and a wool-silk-linen blend fabric. This jacket can be dressed up with a crisp white collared shirt and tailored pants for a relaxed business look, or paired with a simple t-shirt and denim for a night out on the town in style.




This perfect fusing of New-World leading technology combined with Old-World traditions and manual skills is what ensures Canali to be the forerunner of luxury and quality by placing such attention to the exquisite tailoring, and like a precious jewel, each piece is unique, with its own love story of creation told through its craftsmanship.


In luxury tailoring, it really is the attention to detail that matter, and this is what makes Canali excel with ensuring a suit goes from simply dapper to utterly and heartbreakingly dashing!


See more from the Canali online store and be sure to check out The Edition while you are there.




canali menswear spring summer 2016 light blue suit




canali menswear spring summer 2016 grey jacket and trousers

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