Best of the Gold Coast: Moelleux

moelleux in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast

moelleux in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast


People are always asking me they can shop for menswear on the Gold Coast and I am happy to say there is one new store to add to the list.  Moelleux has opened in Coolangatta, a wonderful addition to the southern end of the coast and stepping up to become one of my favourite retail fit outs I have seen here.  Clean lines, minimal and mostly black and white.  It’s clean, inspiring and has some great brands in stock.  I had a chat with owners, Jenna and Bryn, about their wonderful store, moelleux.



TMHS: What inspired the name ‘moelleux’ ?

J&B: Many things inspired the name moelleux for our store. Being a French word, for us French imbues class and style. It’s also a very aesthetically pleasing word with the letter formation. Moelleux is a descriptive word that can mean soft, comfortable and suave which is appropriate as moelleux prides itself on providing products made from beautiful fabrics and of exceptional quality.

TMHS: For those who don’t know, how is Moelleux pronounced?





TMHS: What attracted you to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast?

J&B: Coolangatta is a geographically stunning place. The coastline is beautiful, the surf is good and the general vibe around town is so laid back. After moving from capital cities, it feels like a bit of a time warp. While the general laid back surf vibe will always remain in Coolangatta, there is so much opportunity in this town for cultural growth away from the hustle and bustle of a major city.

TMHS: Tell me a little of your backgrounds and how you came to open Moelleux.

J&B: We both grew up in Perth. While Jenna focused on her career in fashion, designing for several years in Melbourne, I spent time drifting though America and Europe seeking… nothing in particular.

After settling on the Gold Coast last year, the lack of higher end boutiques (especially menswear) was clearly evident. We recognized it as an opportunity to create our own store that shares the labels and styles we have come to love.

TMHS: What menswear brands do you stock?

J&B: Sixpack France, B.W.G.H, Libertine-Libertine, Commoners, Vanishing Elephant, Orphn, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Sly Guild, Nobody, Jamie Fame, illesteva eyewear, Triumph & Disaster.


Pigeon & Weasel | Triumph & Disaster | Great brands at moelleux

Pigeon & Weasel | Triumph & Disaster | Great brands at moelleux


TMHS: The fit out of the store is a stand out. I love the simplicity of everything and the clean lines. Who worked on the design and where did you draw inspiration from?

J&B: Firstly, Thank you! We both share a similar and clear perspective of how we wanted Moelleux to look. The fit out is very much focused on clean lines and a minimalistic approach. Basically, we wanted to create a store that could just as easily be found on any Major City High Street, as well as an alleyway in Coolangatta.

The labels we house in Moelleux deserve to be presented in a sleek, visually appealing store so a lot of inspiration was actually drawn from a variety of our labels own flagship stores.


moelleux has a clean and minimal fit out

moelleux has a clean and minimal fit out


TMHS: Three things you can’t do without in your day?

J&B: Coffee, music, laughter…

TMHS: What does the near future hold for Moelleux?

J&B: We hope to have the online store up and running soon. Also, with Jenna’s strong background in design and production, an in-house label is definitely on the horizon.

TMHS: Any events coming up?

J&B: Not as such… Perhaps we’ll do something for when the new AW14 ranges drop.  Stay tuned!





TMHS: How can readers find out more about the store?

J&B: (online store soon)


Instagram: @moelleux_store

TMHS: Finally, why should people come and visit Moelleux when they are on the Gold Coast?

J&B: Moelleux offers quality labels that are hard to find here on the Gold Coast and in some cases, cannot be found here at all. Through very selective buying from an eclectic range of labels, we supply limited numbers of high quality pieces for a unique look.

moelleux, 209 / 87 Griffith St, Coolangatta

moelleux, 209 / 87 Griffith St, Coolangatta

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