Prince William & David Beckham: Whose Side Are You On?

David Beckham and Prince William

David Beckham and Prince William

I often have the discussion with my partner about those who are in positions of power, whether it be through their fame, finances or ability to make change, and how important it is for them to use their positions for overall goodness in the world. He is such a strong believer in this and I agree.  While I write about the design world, which often is full of indulgences, giving to others and helping raise awareness for causes is just as much a reason why I started The Man Has Style as these privileges.

Prince William and David Beckham are two such men who use their positions to do this. This week they launched the Whose Side Are You On campaign through United for Wildlife. “It’s time to choose between critically endangered species and the criminals who kill them for money. Whose side are you on?” wrote William on the United for Wildlife website.

Prince William explained the illegal wildlife trade leaves “two thousand endangered species … on the verge of being lost forever.” The campaign is not about raising money, rather on awareness. He discussed how by keeping the illegal wildlife trade hidden, it allows the criminals to grow and develop further.

The campaign is being further promoted via sport. Sporting stars including Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton and basketballer Yao Ming have all joined in on raising awareness. David Beckham said, “I believe sport is a vital way of engaging and highlighting issues and #whosesideareyouon is a perfect example of how sport can raise awareness about a conservation.”  Prince Harry has also joined brother William in sharing his support.



To join the discussion use the hashtag #WhoseSideAreYouOn on both Twitter and Facebook.

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